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Since 2003 I have been teaching at the Technological Educational Institution of Athens and at the University of West Attica, lecturing and supervising students in their clinical practice. During my academic engagement I have infused students with my love for neurology, Oliver Sachs, Dr. Luria, individual patient histories (pathography) and "neurological novels". The Feldenkrais method gave me an additional opportunity to share my interest in the diverse aspects of movement. Since 2010 I have made numerous presentations at physiotherapy conferences, workshops in academic institutions in Greece and abroad both on undergraduate and postgraduate level.

As part of my occupation as a physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner I see clients individually, run classes on weekly basis both in English and Greek language, and conduct specialist workshops for physiotherapists and other health-care practitioners


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I am Alexandros Ioannou, MSc Physiotherapist specializing in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases. I have been working with adults since 1999: Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, craniocerebral injuries and other rarer disorders of the peripheral or central nervous system. I use the Bobath method and the Feldenkrais method working individually or in groups with my patients

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