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Διευκόλυνση της δράσης μέσω της αναπνοής

Κύκλος 4 μαθημάτων Feldenkrais - Κάθε Κυριακή,  18.00-19.30, 26/9-17/10/2021. Online.

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These 5 lessons are inspired by early motor behavior. We shall be revisiting and exploring the primary connections on which the capacity for weight transfers, flexion/extension as well as the first attempts for rolling is built.

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Feldenkrais Move Better Feel Better Summit (01/05/2021, 15:00 EST)

On the 1st May of 2021 at the world Feldenkrais Move Better Feel Better Summit at 15:00 EST (22:00 Eastern European) i will be teaching a neurodevelopmental lesson as part of the European team of teachers! Join for my lesson and that of other movement specialists at

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I am Alexandros Ioannou, MSc Physiotherapist specializing in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases. I have been working with adults since 1999: Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, craniocerebral injuries and other rarer disorders of the peripheral or central nervous system. I use the Bobath method and the Feldenkrais method working individually or in groups with my patients

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