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The Feldenkrais method belongs to a large family of methods and practices of the Western world known as "somatic techniques" or "somatics". These therapeutic and pedagogical systems have emphasized the importance of kinesthetic reeducation and are the forerunners to well established approaches in movement rehabilitation such as the NDT/Bobath and Sensory Integration. Some of the peculiarities of the method are the experiential model of learning, the focus on the subjective experience of the body and its movement and the systematic investigation of organic/natural movement through the reduction of unnecessary muscular effort. In addition, the method`s movement lessons are a unique tool for improving body awareness and deepening sensory-motor perception. As such they are ideal for anyone who uses their body as a primary means for work such as movement therapists, dancers, singers, actors, athletes etc.

Feldenkrais is based on a solid theoretical framework and draws part of its intelligence from the dynamic systems theory, cybernetics and the philosophy of martial arts.

The method is taught either in groups or in one-on-one sessions. Group sessions or "Awareness through movement" lessons are ideal for people of different ages and various health statuses. They are verbally guided and the focus is primarily on improving the qualitative features of movement (ease, flow, comfort) rather than complying with a certain ‘form’ or striving for achievement. The element of sensory-motor explorations is central to the lessons whereas no previous experience in any movement practice is required.

One-on-one sessions (Functional integration) are individually tailored and are more suitable for anyone with chronic pain and mobility issues. Gentle, non-correctional touch is used to facilitate variability in motor behavior. Developing awareness of movement habits and releasing superfluous muscle tone are of primary importance in improving functions such as walking, standing or getting up from the floor. Effortless and coordinated movement are the final objective.

As part of my occupation as a physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner I see clients individually, run classes on weekly basis both in English and Greek language, and conduct specialist workshops for physiotherapists and other health-care practitioners .


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I am Alexandros Ioannou, MSc Physiotherapist specializing in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases. I have been working with adults since 1999: Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, craniocerebral injuries and other rarer disorders of the peripheral or central nervous system. I use the Bobath method and the Feldenkrais method working individually or in groups with my patients

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