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21-05-2021 18:14

These 5 lessons are inspired by early motor behavior. We shall be revisiting and exploring the primary connections on which the capacity for weight transfers, flexion/extension as well as the first attempts for rolling is built. We shall be playing with movement variations that connect the midline and the center of our body to our extremities (radiation) from different positions. This is the first pattern in humans by which the body prepares itself to move through space. By changing the body schema, negotiating the availability of the degrees of freedom, playing with the availability of sensory information we create challenges and opportunities for accomplishment.

Can we move as babies? Do we need a specific kind of knowledge or is there something we need to unlearn? Is it possible to derive pleasure from small motor achievements? Through a carefully structured verbal guidance we learn to control our muscle tone, increase perceptual acumen and experience an authentic embodied experience.

All lessons will take place via Zoom every Thursday at 19:00 – 20:15 Central European Time starting at 27/5. 
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Cost is 50 euros for the whole series or 12 drop in


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I am Alexandros Ioannou, MSc Physiotherapist specializing in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases. I have been working with adults since 1999: Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, craniocerebral injuries and other rarer disorders of the peripheral or central nervous system. I use the Bobath method and the Feldenkrais method working individually or in groups with my patients

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